What is The Set Apart Way?



God is calling all of His creative artists to a higher standard in Him. The real question is, “Will we, individually as well as collectively, answer the call?” If so, we welcome you to become a part of the Set Apart Creative Artist (SACA) Mentorship Program. This is a program dedicated to helping you answer the “set apart call” by encouraging you to be a set apart vessel for God’s use. We encourage you to use your gifts and talents for His Glory.

What we provide:

  • Mentorship - Practical insight on different ways you can give God the glory while using your gifts and talents .

  • Support and encouragement - Introduce you to the Set Apart Lifestyle and provide continued encourage to live out the Set Apart Lifestyle for your entire journey toward Purpose and Destiny.

  • Fellowship - Introduce you to other set apart creative artists, who have the same passion to walk out the Set Apart Lifestyle.

  • Accountability - Periodically come into direct contact with you via various forms of communication to encourage and assist in holding you accountable.

  • Prayer - We are committed to fast and pray on your behalf while you are out in the trenches fulfilling the work of the ministry.

This Ministry is specifically designed to SERVE, EQUIP and ENCOURAGE you such that YOU can SERVE OTHERS.




Out of our desire to see the Body of Christ edified and God glorified as He deserves, this mentorship program will only cost you your time and the cost of purchasing two required books for the program. Although there are no additional monetary costs associated with this program, we ask each artist to complete the following requirements in order to become a member:


Requirements to become a SACA member are as follows:

  • Complete the Set Apart Creative Artist Profile.

    The profile consists of questions that will help us gain a better understanding as to how we can serve you. We ask questions like your name, address, what gifts and talents you use for the Lord, email address, prayer request, etc. We ask this of you because again we are here to serve you, and it helps us know those who we are serving and their specific needs.

  • Purchase required reading material for the program.

    There are two books required for purchase. The books are The Set Apart Way for Christ-Centered Creative Artists and The Set Apart Way for Christ-Centered Creative Artists Bible Study Workbook. The mentor program was birthed through the writing of these books and we ask each artist to obtain a copy of each and read them.

  • Write an essay after each chapter

    While reading The Set Apart Way for Christ-Centered Creative Artists, we ask that you write an essay for each chapter read. For each essay, we only ask that you explain.
    • What meant the most to you from that particular chapter
    • What offered you the greatest challenge
    • What inspired or confirmed things you already knew

    After completing the essays, you can e-mail or mail them back to the ministry.

    Note: You can send in the essays one at a time or all together. It’s your choice

  • Answer all questions in the Bible Study Workbook

    The Set Apart Way for Christ-Centered Creative Artists Bible Study Workbook has been specifically designed to take you into a deeper study by directing you to the word of God. It highlights different topics that were mentioned in The Set Apart Way for Christ-Centered Creative Artists book. Your answers to the workbook questions do not have to be turned in for review. They are to be kept for your personal study.




Realizing that most of us have busy schedules, we ask that both the essays and questions to the workbook are completed within a year’s time after you begin.


Upon completion of the above requirements, you will be a SACA Member / Graduate and will receive the following:

  • A Personalized Certificate of Completion signed by the founder of Set Apart International Ministries congratulating you on completing the mentorship program.

  • Name entered into a drawing to receive a $200 check to go toward your personal endeavors for the Kingdom of God. (Drawings held yearly)

  • Name listed on our website as a SACA Member / Graduate and possibly your contact information as long as whatever you do for the Lord lines up with our vision.

  • Access to Quarterly messages to encourage your set apart walk with the Lord from the founder. (Beginning soon)




  1. Click (here) for the Creative Artists Profile.

  2. Fill out the form.

  3. Submit the form once all information required is completed.