What is The Set Apart Way?



I want to join and go through your SACA mentorship program! The book you wrote is awesome. It is what all of us "Christ centered creative artists" need. The book you've written brings order and sanctification to us.

- Michelle, VA


Essay Testimonial of Chapter 6 – Your Gifts Will Make Room For You The part of this chapter that spoke to me was the principal, Jesus is the definition of success and total fulfillment and that means overflow. To me this means I will not only be totally fulfilled by God but I will have an overflow, a wellspring inside me of God’s prosperity. I will never find true and lasting success in myself or man. In a sense this takes the pressure off me to succeed in the world’s eyes. Another part of this chapter that was a confirmation was about pulling back when my flesh tries to force my gifting. I now understand from past experience when I tried to make my gift of written prophecy fit into a place it didn’t, it only exposed my weaknesses. I was anxious and did not wait on the Lord. -Michelle, VA

- Michelle, VA


I was reading your book and I had to put it down for a second, because it was so good it was meeting me right in my situation. All the Glory goes to God.

- Dekiela, GA